Criminal / Rape Case Defense Lawyers

Criminal laws are considered to be highly technical and complex, therefore requires a unique set of excellent skills to understand and interpret them. Advocate Ashish Baraskar is known as one of the most experienced and efficient Criminal Lawyer in Mumbai. Our team work collectively through which we have won the several criminal cases. Also, we have handled several cases of Indians and foreign national of criminal and quasi-criminal nature.

During the case, our focus is not only on winning the case but we also believe in the client's satisfaction. Since our existence, we are committed to helping our clients by providing them the best Criminal Defence Lawyer in Mumbai. It is a general perception that criminal lawyers are very busy with their work and unable to give their clients enough time. But, here we have a separate team of Criminal Case defense lawyers in Mumbai who assist each client privately.

Advocate Baraskar has the massive experience of this domain and he is very keen towards every case. Every lawyer of our firm is well qualified and experienced in the legal aspects, so that victim can get justice. Moreover, we also make sure that all the major and important aspects of criminal litigation have been covered. We take care of all the procedures which have been carried out carefully. Our firm also has the team of Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai.